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Queen - Music from The Eye (2004) *fraty* [SoundTrack]


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Queen - Music from The Eye (2004) *fraty* :guit:








Interprete : Queen

Album : Music from The Eye

Ano : 2004

Género : Banda sonora de Jogo

Ficheiros : 60

Codificação : MP3

Velocidade de Bits : 128

Qualidade : Razoavel

Extras : Sim






CD 01



The Arena Domain Tracklisting


01. (game data track)

02. Made In Heaven (version 1)

03. I Want It All (version 1)

04. Dragon Attack

05. Fight From The Inside

06. Hang On In There

07. In The Lap Of The Gods.... Revisited

08. Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll

09. More Of That Jazz

10. We Will Rock You (live)

11. Liar

12. The Night Comes Down

13. Liar (English) or Party (German or Spanish)

14. Chinese Torture

15. I Want It All (version 2)



CD 02



The Works Domain Tracklisting


01. (game data track)

02. Mustapha

03. Mother Love

04. You Take My Breath Away

05. One Vision (version 1)

06. Sweet Lady

07. Was It All Worth It (version 2)

08. Get Down Make Love

09. Heaven For Everyone

10. Hammer To Fall

11. Tie Your Mother Down

12. One Vision (version 2)

13. It's Late

14. Procession

15. Made In Heaven (version 2)



CD 03



The Theatre Domain Tracklisting


01. (game data track)

02. It's A Beautiful Day

03. Don't Lose Your Head (version 1)

04. Princes Of The Universe

05. A Kind Of Magic (version 1)

06. Gimme The Prize (Kurgan's Theme) (version 1)

07. Bring Back That Leroy Brown

08. A Kind Of Magic (version 2)

09. You Don't Fool Me

10. Let Me Entertain You

11. Khashoggi's Ship

12. Forever

13. Don't Try So Hard

14. Was It All Worth It (version 1)



CD 04



The Innuendo Domain Tracklisting


01. (game data track)

02. Brighton Rock

03. I'm Going Slightly Mad

04. Bijou

05. Khashoggi's Ship

06. The Show Must Go On

07. The Hitman (version 1)

08. Too Much Love Will Kill You

09. I Can't Live With You

10. Love Of My Life



CD 05



The Final Domain Tracklisting


01. (game data track)

02. Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To....) (version 1)

03. Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To....) (version 2)

04. Ride The Wild Wind

05. Headlong

06. Breakthru'

07. Hammer To Fall

08. Gimme The Prize (Kurgan's Theme) (version 2)

09. The Hitman (version 2)

10. Don't Lose Your Head (version 2)

11. Gimme The Prize (Kurgan's Theme) (version 3)

















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Obrigado ao Francisco,por me ter enviado este.

Basicamente pegaram na musica dos Queen e inseriram-na no quadrante deste jogo,que não teve grande sucesso.Mas em todo o caso é mais um para o acervo dos fãs.

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