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John Paesano – Marvel’s Spider-Man (Original Video Game Soundtrack) (2018) [SoundTrack]


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John Paesano – Marvel’s Spider-Man (Original Video Game Soundtrack) :guit:








Release Name: John Paesano – Marvel’s Spider-Man (Original Video Game Soundtrack) – iTunes Plus AAC M4A

Size: 166.6 MB

Genres: Soundtrack, Music




1. Spider-Man

2. Eight Years in the Making

3. Inside the Numbers

4. The Golden Age

5. Examine

6. Shocking Turn of Events

7. All the King’s Men

8. City of Hope

9. The Man He Was

10. Webbed from the Shadows

11. Stone Cold

12. City on Alert

13. The Breakthrough

14. The Demon He Became

15. Worlds Colliding

16. Anything for a Story

17. Chasing Down the Devil

18. International Support

19. The Sinister Six

20. The Mastermind

21. Negative View

22. No Going Back

23. Renewed Rivalries

24. Destroying Your Own Creation

25. The Final Lesson

26. Responsibility

27. Behind the Mask






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