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SEGA – Sonic Mania (Original Soundtrack) [Selected Edition] (2018) [SoundTrack]


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SEGA – Sonic Mania (Original Soundtrack) [selected Edition] (2018) :guit:







Release Name: SEGA – Sonic Mania (Original Soundtrack) [selected Edition] [iTunes Plus AAC M4A]

Size: 197 MB

Genres: Soundtrack, Music





1. Discovery (Title Screen)

2. Comfort Zone (Main Menu)

3. Lights, Camera, Action! (Studiopolis Zone Act 1)

4. Prime Time (Studiopolis Zone Act 2)

5. Flying Battery Zone (Act 1)

6. Flying Battery Zone (Act 2)

7. Tabloid Jargon – Press Garden Zone (Act 1)

8. Blossom Haze – Press Garden Zone (Act 2)

9. Stardust Speedway Zone (Act 1)

10. Stardust Speedway Zone (Act 2)

11. Hydro City Zone (Act 1)

12. Hydro City Zone (Act 2)

13. Skyway Octane (Mirage Saloon Zone Act 1 ST Mix)

14. Wildstyle Pistolero (Mirage Saloon Zone Act 1 K Mix)

15. Rogues Gallery (Mirage Saloon Zone Act 2)

16. Lava Reef Zone (Act 1)

17. Lava Reef Zone (Act 2)

18. Metallic Madness Zone (Act 1)

19. Metallic Madness Zone (Act 2)

20. Built to Rule – Titanic Monarch Zone (Act 1)

21. Steel Cortex – Titanic Monarch Zone (Act 2)

22. Danger on the Dance Floor (Mid-Boss_

23. Ruby Delusions (Eggman Boss 1)

24. Havoc Prognosis (Eggman Boss 2)

25. Hi-Spec Robo Go! (Hard Boiled Heavy Boss)

26. Ruby Illusions (Final Boss)

27. Egg Reverie (Egg Reverie Zone)

28. Egg panicky – Egg Reverie Zone Pinch Mode (Soundtest Only)

29. Guided Tour (Credits)

30. Dimension Heist (UFO Special Stage)

31. Game Over

32. The Winner! (Competition Results)

33. Glimmering Gift (Super Transformation)

34. Angel Island Cutscene

35. Blue Spheres

36. Eggman Mean Bean

37. Head 2 Head (Versus Mode)

38. Vs. Metal Sonic

39. Who’s the boss? (Hard Boiled Heavies Mischief Scene)

40. Countdown to Continue

41. Sunshine Cassette (Save Select)

42. Undefeated (Invincibility)

43. Drowning

44. The Blur (Speed Shoes)

45. 1-Up

46. Stage Clear

47. Rise of the Icon (Sonic Mania Alternate Intro)







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