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[SoundTrack] Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker OST (2010) *COCMP3


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Release Name: VA-Metal_Gear_Solid_Peace_Walker-OST-2010-COCMP3

Genre: Soundtrack

Label: Konami Digital Entertainment

Source: CDDA

Encoder: Lame 3.97

Quality: VBRkbps Joint-Stereo

Size: 112 MB

Rls Date: 2010-06-11

Store Date: 2010-06-14

Tracks: 28



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01.Akihiro Honda - Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Main [02:57]

02.Donna Burke - Heavens Divide [05:15]

03.Nobuko Toda - Rain Of Bane [01:26]

04.Akihiro Honda - Marshland [01:41]

05.Kazuma Jinnouchi - Clients [02:12]

06.Kazuma Jinnouchi - Heavy Arms [02:04]

07.Kazuma Jinnouchi - The Spear [01:36]

08.Kazuma Jinnouchi - Fearless [01:14]

09.Jeremy Soule - Tank Corps [02:19]

10.Norihiko Hibino & Nobuko Toda - Little Brother [05:03]

11.Kazuma Jinnouchi - Highland [01:39]

12.Kazuma Jinnouchi - Cold Principle [03:24]

13.Nobuko Toda - Pupa [01:34]

14.Kazuma Jinnouchi - Hide-Out [02:32]

15.Yoshitaka Suzuki - Air Strike [02:33]

16.Nobuko Toda - Entry Gate [02:26]

17.Kazuma Jinnouchi - Chrysalis [02:24]

18.Kazuma Jinnouchi - Cocoon [02:12]

19.Nobuko Toda - Mother Base [01:39]

20.Kazuma Jinnouchi - Dead Ahead [02:10]

21.Kazuma Jinnouchi - Facility [00:48]

22.Todd Haberman - Take Down [01:55]

23.Takahiro Izutani - Boot Sequence [01:52]

24.Todd Haberman - Peace Walker [03:00]

25.Kazuma Jinnouchi & Nobuko Toda - Outer Heaven [04:59]

26.Nobuko Toda - Uninterrupted Signal [01:59]

27.Kazuma Jinnouchi - Zero Allies! [04:35]

28.Nana Mizuki - Koi No Yokushi Ryoku [04:57]





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